Food Review: Classic South Burger (21 South Burger)

Have you tried going around your neighborhood recently? Hey, there might be some nice stores that have opened up like restaurants or something like that especially along the road. You know, foot traffic and stuff.

Anyway, been noticing this fast food joint whenever I pass by Sabellano Street and have been intrigued by the store’s name. Sounds cool, and so..


I checked out the place. It’s quite small for a real resto but bigger and more comfortable than a burger stand — as it got four small tables and stools.

The Menu: 5 Burger variations

Yeah, it’s all burgers over here! And how else can we really gauge them than by ordering what its name stands for. The Classic South Burger.

Classic South Burger with Parmesan Fries

It’s 40 percent pure beef patty so what do you expect?! Beefy. But then, if you are looking for inclusions other than lettuce, onions and cheddar cheese then you might be disappointed. Also, the bun is not really the regular-sized buns you normally see in fast food chains — it’s smaller though the patty is thicker.

As for the Parmesan fries, well, I hardly tasted the grated cheese but its more of ground black pepper and salt that’s on it. So, it’s like some regular fries.

Inside the store

Anyway, their prices are quite expensive than the country’s leading fast food chains, so be ready to spend — but certainly, their burger is much tastier. And their food trays are much nicer, too.

Still, if this joint could only add a toilet, a WiFi connection and especially change their stools with wooden or classy chairs — so much the better.


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