2017 FIVB World Grand Prix: Brazilians are Champs and the Final Standings

One of the biggest stages in women’s volleyball has come to an exciting conclusion last night with Brazil prevailing over Italy in their Gold medal match, 3-2. And lo, know that this is already the 12th time that the Brazilians have won this prestigious tournament!

Nonetheless, though the championship match reached the deciding set, the game was somehow beyond reach come technical timeout with Brazil leading 8-3. Key to this match? More than the strong blocking of Brazil, Italy’s most promising spiker Paola Egonu just really looked like a neophyte as she simply couldn’t seem to angle her bombs away from the Brazilians at the net. I mean, why did she just keep forcing it to go straight and through those long and strong Brazilian limbs instead of hitting them on angles?

Anyway, as good as the Brazilians were, we were actually not that impressed with their championship as they actually needed a Chinese win in the semis over the Netherlands to make the Gold medal match. Talk of luck. More so, the Brazilians in fact got swept by several teams in this tournament, and among them were against: Serbia (July 8), Thailand (July 15), and China (August 2). See? Last year, they only got swept by world number 1 China.

Meanwhile, the Bronze medal match between the Chinese and the Serbians was an interestingly hard fought game with Serbia taking 3rd place in a tight 3-1 win. Oops, don’t let that 3-1 gap deceive you for it went 25-22, 20-25, 25-23 and 25-21 before Serbia finally clinched the victory. Guess, the Chinese preliminary round was indicative of what their campaign here would bring. Imagine just a 5-4 card? So.

Incidentally, we were also wondering why the US actually fielded a team without their top spiker Foluke Akinradewo? Was she still injured?? Foluke’s presence could have catapulted their team onto the medal round. Instead, we found the Final Rankings sort of messed up. Like, the Netherlands and the US tied for 5th spot? Hey, the Dutch lost their 2 ‘Final Six’ games on a 2-3 fashion which should earn them 2 points — while the Americans lost their 2 games, 2-3 against Serbia and 1-3 against Italy which should just be equivalent to 1 point. So, the Dutch should be 5th while the US is 6th for this year’s WGP.

Final Rankings: World Grand Prix 2017 Top 20

Hopefully, some ranking corrections. Till next time!


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